Acadia, in addition to its normal activities, has also opened a new business division focusing on Alternative Investment Advisory Services.

Alternative Investments is an interesting and exciting category for the appropriate investors. These investments include “real assets” that provide some protection from volatile public stock markets and bond markets. These investments are international and, in addition to their asset-backed nature, also often provide some natural currency hedge since they are US Dollar based or based in another very safe currency that may be less volatile than the participating investor’s currency.

At Alternative Investment Advisors we have done research on a number of Alternative Investments that can provide solid returns for investors, that are not highly correlated to normal stock and bond markets.

The categories in which we have developed contacts and will be bringing products to the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, include:

In the future, Acadia Alternative Investments may consider raising a Fund of Funds to spread investor’s capital across these categories in order to achieve very good returns via investments in relatively safe, asset-backed funds that have little correlation to the broader stock and bond markets.

The company is registered in the District Court for Warsaw, Economy Department XIII for National Court Register under number KRS: 0000598123. REGON: 141 477 767. NIP 5213508653. Share capital: 50 000 zł.